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Arredi 3N is a family-run business located in the heart of Brianza, a geographical area in the North-West of Lombardy, Italy. Our company has been working wood for four generations.


We design and build furniture systems intended for educational, work-related and hospitality structures, along with cultural spaces for the community. Our systems stand out for their aesthetic and for being accurately designed to be functional and in constant evolution. Simplicity and quality are the signature features of our products, which communicate the company’s essential values of craftsmanship and creativity, the real added value of Made in Italy.


Thanks to expertise and experience handed down through generations, Arredi 3N is considered one of the Italian leading companies in the furniture industry, specifically for school, office, library and contract. When choosing our company, each reality can count on the meticulous care our team puts in every phase of the process, from design to after-sale.


Our goal is to carry functional innovation in our enterprise system and reflect it on the market via research, in order to introduce a high standard of wellness, which allows people to perform their daily actions in the best way possible. Our vision is also reflected on how the spaces we operate in are conceived: cosy environments where experience blends with learning and knowledge.