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Our history began in 1890, when the first workshop was created, and continues to this day through constant hard work and passion for craftsmanship. In addition to our well-established experience achieved during the years, the desire and will of continuous growth persists in our company. We pursue this goal by always exploring new and diverse environments, which lead to the development of fresh ideas, specifically created for individual needs.


1930s – 1940s

On December 20th, 1939, Ettore Nespoli, the current owners’ father, started his joinery workshop in Giussano after buying part of the land where the factory is located today.

In 1947 the company Nespoli Ettore and Brothers was born. At the time, the company’s core business was home furnishing.



The company Arredi 3N sdf, property of the current owners Giancarlo, Luigi and Rino Nespoli, registered in Albo delle Imprese Artigiane, the Italian register of craft businesses.

In this decade the production of office furniture was launched, and a second production hall was built, enabling the activity to grow.



The company acquired the Righini brand and started the production of two collections, PRATICA and EOS, specializing in field and executive office furniture.

The production area was expanded with the purchase of a new hangar.

The company also spread in the kindergarten furniture sector launching the PROGETTO 0/6 collection.



The new millennium opened with a further growth, both physically and marketing-wise. A new office building was built, and two new lines were developed: SCUOLA IN MOVIMENTO and DIAPASON, aimed at schools and libraries.



With the launch of the PROGETTO 0/6 SOFT line, a new upholstery department was opened to produce soft furniture for kindergarten and school. Another collection named ATOMO E CUBO was launched for the same sectors.

The latest line, FLEX@, proves our company’s constant pursue of growth and innovation. The collection meets with the modern and innovative concept of shared learning, presenting educational furniture, that is also recreational, explorative, creative and transversal at the same time.

Our latest collection “PHILIA”, specifically conceived for health care residences, is designed with empathy and creativity, rather than focusing only on hospitalization. The ultimate goal of this collection is to provide customized environments with specific care for memory and perceptivity spaces.