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Primaria Milano 2021-36
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Ideas and furnishings for educational and cultural spaces and workplaces

our aim

We want to conceive, design and build aesthetically beautiful furnishing systems, with attention to every little detail, systems that guarantee maximum functionality, simple but evolved systems at the same time, systems that guarantee a high quality and safety standard, systems from which it is immediately apparent the passion for craftsmanship and the creativity of “Made in Italy”, systems destined for a world that knows how to welcome and share.

The goal is that every educational and didactic structure, every work and hospitality structure, every environment dedicated to culture or available to the community, can in the coming years become a welcoming place, in which experiences are mixed with learning and knowledge. .

We are confident that we will be able to achieve our goal and therefore to place our little brick in the common home of growth, equality and progress.


All humans at the time of birth are endowed with a multisensory apparatus, by nature. Over the years, much of this apparatus is atrophied because the individual, for the development of knowledge, gives precedence to logic and literature. We need to activate this apparatus again, which makes us know tactile, sound, thermal, material, hardness and softness scales, roughness and smoothness, impenetrability, balance and stillness, lightness and heaviness, fragility. and solidity ... all values that when explained in words become very complicated and almost incomprehensible arguments.

Bruno Munari - Artist, writer, inventor, designer, architect and illustrator

projects completed in the last year




thousands of square meters of surface